Computer Recycling in NJ

NJ E-Scrap Law effective 1-1-2011 explained

Know your NJ Computer Recycling Laws

1. Effective 1-1-2011 You must recycle electronics in NJ with an “authorized recycler” Only NJ DEP Class D processing facilities are authorized recyclers. There are only 9 of us in the state.

View the DEP list

(Only the facilities approved for demanufacturing are Class D permitted facilities)

2. You must report annually to your local municipality’s recycling coordinator the weight of electronics recycled. Failure to report your recycling weights is subject to an initial $5000 fine. Back Thru the Future is identified under the NJ Recycling Enhancement act as a “destination facility” for electronic recycling and is authorized to provide electronic recycling weights. Only destination facilities can provide these weights.

3. A reseller is not a recycler. If a NJ based business offers to recycle your equipment and they are not on the above list of Class D processors they are reselling your equipment intact or transporting your equipment out of state. Under NJ law they are not allowed to recycle (process) electronic equipment. In all likelihood your equipment is being shipped overseas.


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is a recognized industry leader and pioneer in the proper environmental handling of electronics and secure data destruction for hard drive shredding. Established in 1990, and presently servicing over 700 clients including Fortune 500 companies, Amlaw 100 firms and prominent pharmaceutical, healthcare and financial institutions, as well as federal, state and local government agencies.

Back Thru the Future is a NJ DEP permitted (CDG100001) Class D universal waste- consumer electronics processing facility. We are a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) AAA certified secure plant based hard drive destruction facility. We provide both regulatory and legally required environmental and data privacy compliance documentation.

Mission Statement - "To protect our customers from environmental and data security liabilities with a secure and auditable electronic equipment and media destruction/recycling service."

Data Privacy

All hard drives arriving at our facility are destroyed by shredding. Visit and view our video explaining our hard drive destruction services. We never resell hard drives. All shredded hard drive material is sorted and recycled. It is a 100% green process.

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